Show Notes

Dear bman,

Look at those long legs! I should be napping right now, since you are… But I had to take ten minutes to write to you. Today was a big day little guy – you now have a real belly button! While changing your diaper this morning, I discovered the rest of your umbilical cord had fallen away. What a beautiful belly button! We sent grandma a photo to show off your little belly.

Your daddy and I have had quite the week – somehow we both got very sick, but you, little guy, you stayed 100%! the pediatrician says breastfeeding helps keep you well. Good thing you love to nurse.

You also got your first real bath today! No more sponge baths for you! Your daddy and I loved how happy and calm you were in the water (in our kitchen sink!) one day you’ll be amazed that you ever fit in there.

I’m so proud of you bman. Youre beginning to lift your head on your own and discovering that you can roll onto your side – you even scooted all the way up your daddy’s chest on your own today.

Were settling into a night time routine too – we facetime with Grandma and grandpa, give you a bath, then read a book, then you nurse while we listen to lullabies and then we go to sleep. Only normally you don’t fall asleep right away and want to play for the next two hours. That’s okay, were still learning.

I love you bman. And even though this has been a rough week while your mom and dad try to get well, we’ve so loved spending time with you – just watching you grow and loving all over you.

Tonight your Uncle Brett and Aunt Taylor come to visit! And Sunday your Aunt Gina will be here to hang out and capture photos of you. A big week ahead!

I love you,

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