Show Notes

Dear Bman,

I never knew my heart was capable of cracking wide open. I never knew I was capable of loving someone else in such a pure, Godly, unabashed, unconditional way. And then at 7:21pm on February 16, 2011 I met you.

We had it all planned out – the doctor induced me and we knew exactly how the story would unfold – until you decided you were just too big and didn’t want to budge. So to the OR we went. Your daddy put on scrubs and I was given a hair net and a drug that made me numb all over.

Very quickly I said a fast prayer for you and kissed your daddy. Within minutes we heard your first cry.

After all the scares, the doctors and the tests – I heard you for the first time and knew my Bman was here. The doctor peaked around the corner and told me you were healthy and beautiful. I cried so hard my blood pressure shot way up and the doc had to give me medicine to make it stop.

And here you are. Happy one day birthday Brady Ley. You’ve made your mom and dad so proud, so humbled and so happy. More on your first few days soon.

Love, Mommy

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