Congratulations from Team Simplified
Congratulations from Team Simplified
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Hi, friends! Today is the day! Growing Boldly is finally available everywhere books are sold. We are beyond proud of Emily for this yellow book she poured her heart into. Through Growing Boldly, Emily shares her beautiful, uplifting, empowering words for you to build the life you love. Team Simplified is ecstatic to see this bold book in your hands.

Dear Emily, Team Simplified wishes you the utmost congratulations! Here are a few words from the team you so gracefully guide and boldly lead.  


Happy Growing Boldly Launch Day, Em! I am so stinking proud of you for matching your outsides with your insides. Your brave, fiery heart is so inspiring. Thank you for the opportunity you've given me to share my story with the world. I'm so grateful to play a small part in encouraging women that they, too, can build a life they love. Congrats on your BEST book yet! Love you BIG!


Congratulations, Emily! It has been an honor and a joy to walk beside you in life and business over the past six years. Having a front row seat to the hard work, grace, and determination it’s taken for you to launch Growing Boldly into the world has shown me that your heart and your hustle are unmatched. I am so thrilled for this book to make its way into the hands of women around the world, and I am so proud of you for sharing your heart! Love you! 


E, I couldn't be more proud of you for this incredible book and the courage it took you to release it out into the world. It has been my honor to walk alongside you in business and in life the last 5+ years, and I love seeing you gracefully step into this new season of unapologetic authenticity. Growing Boldly is the book so many women need right now, and I can’t wait to hear the stories of the many women it inspires!  Love, B


I may be biased but this is Emily's most beautiful book so far! I will always be team stand up for what's right, heart over hustle, and living out of conviction. Not only are Emily's words powerful, but the stories included by other incredible women are also such a bonus and offer wisdom to have in your back pocket for years to come. 


Congratulations, Emily!! What an honor to celebrate this huge accomplishment with you today! All of your books have helped me in countless ways, but this one's fire and boldness and passion (and COLOR!) have deeply inspired me to continue to live life loudly, dig deep in my truth, and confidently grow. Thank you for always reminding us of what truly matters. 


Celebrating you and this amazing book today! So proud of you, friend!


You did it!!! Another book baby out into the world! I have loved watching your books evolve as you dig into your truth, and this one may be my favorite. Thank you for sharing the beautiful (and fiery) message that I think so many women need to hear. Congratulations, Em!!


What an honor it is to read this book, let alone know the woman behind it. I've loved each of your books, but this one had me in tears of encouragement and pride. E, you inspire me every day, and I just can't wait to gift these words to all the women in my life! Cheers to you and the yellow addition to my stack of favorite books. 

We love you. We're proud of you. We can't wait to see what's next! Congratulations, Em.

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