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You Deserve It

Your journey matters.

Friends! Have you been wondering if I forgot about these special little inbox coffee dates of ours? I’m learning there’s beauty in the randomness of our coffee breaks. During this crazy beautiful season of my life I can’t commit to every Monday afternoon like I’d hoped. And that’s ok because I know you’re busy too.

You know, I had a best friend growing up in Pensacola who was my soul sister as a child. When I see her again at random back home, we have so much to catch up on, but we’re back to soul sisters instantly. (Hi, Kaitlin!) That’s what these emails have become to me too.

I was flipping through Pinterest the other night looking for Kentucky Derby themed dinner ideas (<– important!) and I came across this beautiful phrase from my friend Lara: You know those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should do them.

Yes. You know, a lot of times, we cheat ourselves out of dreams because we choose fear over forward momentum. I didn’t believe that I had it in me to make a new type of planner or write a book (I still struggle with all those doubts. This is actually an email to myself…) but one day I stopped telling myself I wasn’t good enough or skilled enough or “ready” enough. Our biggest enemy in our quest for joy is ourselves. We stop. We hesitate. And we tell ourselves we simply can’t. Dreams are for other people. Unabashed joy is for other people. Insert reason X, reason Y, reason Z. Is anyone else thinking “Amen.”

In case one of you is doubting your heart tonight, I’m putting this message in your inbox to say stop it. You are more capable than you give yourself credit for. The experiences that have led you to this minute on May 3, 2016 are meaningful. Your journey matters. Somehow, I dug up all the courage I had in me (not based on expertise, instead made up of face-plants and lessons learned and gut convictions and big love) and I made that planner (still bandaging my proverbial skinned knees five years in) and I wrote that book (Thanks, Starbucks, for letting me live in your lobby for eight weeks). The hardest part was starting. Choose yes. And I will too. Take the first step and tell me when you did. I mean it. Respond to this email when you do because I want to cheer you on. Happy Tuesday, friends. ‘Til our next date.

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