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Permission to be Imperfect

With Thanksgiving looming, (and 15 people coming to my house!) the idea of hosting the perfect holiday get-together has been heavy on my heart. I’ll be honest, I love Thanksgiving food (mashed potatoes, all day long!) but I’m a REALLY BAD COOK. And what I really love is decorating a beautiful Thanksgiving table, perfectly set for meaningful conversation. So this year, I’m outsourcing and spending my time choosing the prettiest plates and cutest kid’s table placements! I’m ordering amazing sides from a great local chef (and family friend!) and Bryan’s cooking the turkey. I’ll be managing the mashed potatoes. (Listen, I’m a one-trick pony). But my tables are going to be gorgeous, I tell you! And you know what, I’m going to enjoy that Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade snuggled on the couch with my preschooler and a giant cup of coffee so much more without the stress of managing what time everything goes in the oven.

Somewhere after the age of 30, I decided to give myself permission to be imperfect. I’d been waiting a long time for someone to tell me it’s okay to not be a great cook. And let me tell you, I tried really hard to be a good cook like the rest of my family (. All I know is, Thanksgiving dinner will be served. Tummies will be full. Great conversation will be had. And the stressed out moments will be fewer and farther in between. Sounds like a win to me.

So, this is me, giving you permission to not be perfect too, sweet friend. Here it is! Hope your Thanksgiving is full of rest, tons of butter and heartfelt time with the ones you love. PS: Download and print out our Thanksgiving conversation starters for sharing ’round your table.

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