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On Wellness

This is a topic I could write on forever, especially at this point in my life, so … expect many Coffee Break posts on this as the year unfolds. It’s also a journey I’m currently traveling and not anything I’ve arrived at, but I’m excited to share openly about my experiences as they happen. I think this is something we’re not talking about enough.

Wellness. What does it mean to be truly well. I’m finding out now. But what I know for sure is what wellness is not. Wellness is not putting yourself last. Wellness is not the inability to sleep at night. Wellness is not feeling weak or tired all the time. Wellness is not wishing you had more energy all the time. Wellness is not feeding yourself comfort snacks after the kids go to bed to soothe your emotions. Wellness is not working 80 hours a week. Wellness is not overcommitting, burning out, and ending up spent (only to take care of yourself for a little while to restart the cycle…)

And what I’ve learned since January, when I closed a giant part of our business, uncommitted, and started undoing eight years of burning the candle at both ends is that being well feels so much better. It means feeling strong when you’re running up the stairs to get your toddlers up in the morning. It means waking up easily at 6am to start the day. It means fueling your body with foods that are refreshing and not taxing. It means resting, relaxing, and indulging with zero guilty feelings. It means contentment and committing to a continual journey of being your best self at the same time. Chew on that for a minute. Contentment and continually taking care of yourself. More water. More sleep. More coffee dates with friends. Working out almost daily (I started working out with a trainer who’s worked with some of my friends and LOVE IT. I’ve never weight trained in my life. Strong feels so much better than skinny). Reading more fiction books. Loosening my control grip on our day to day. Scheduling weekly <- WHAT! > date nights with my husband (thanks for the inspiration Shay). Eating foods that fuel me.

This post is rambly and I’m also okay with that. :) Giving myself the permission to stop, make massive changes, and start completely over has changed my life in the best way possible. Have questions? Ask away over on Insta. I’ll write more on this soon. :)



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