Show Notes


Dear B,

We have had so much fun home with Nana and Grandpa and Uncle B and Aunt “Lello”. Every day I am amazed at the newness of you. You are literally RUNNING now. (hence the little bump on your lip in this photo – Brady vs Tile floors and the tile won!) And you’re so curious. You find all kinds of cabinets to open and chords to pull. Today you picked up this diaper box and just RAN off with it. I had no idea you could do that!

God is teaching me so much about life in general through you. You’re so joyful. You love every day and find all kinda of ways to make other people smile. I love YOUR big seven-and-a-half-teeth smiles and your silly noises. You LOVE seeing Elmo (anywhere!) and point to him when we tell you to find him. Your little face lights up at your funny friend! You sing Veggie Tales songs now. All the words sound like “da da” or “uh oh” but they’re beautiful lyrics : )

You’re my heart sweet B. I know your Daddy misses us so much – we’re headed home to him on Friday!



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