Show Notes


Dear B,

We’re home in Pensacola! And you are walking EVERYWHERE!! More than I’ve ever seen you!! I would say you are a full fledged walker now. No more crawling.

Today we had breakfast with Mrs Van Sickle and Mrs Kaitlin. You had so much fun! Not to mention you ate an entire spinach soufflé all by yourself. Mrs Kaitlin was mommys very best friend when she was a little girl. We “knew” each other when we were in our mommys bellies! And soon – she will be your DENTIST!!

We went to the mall too and you rode on the choo choo train with me! The train goes all around the mall while making really loud CHOO CHOO sounds. You and I rode in the caboose and you stood on the seat and waved at EVERYONE walking by. You are so silly : ).

Tonight we had dinner at Cactus Flower (your mama and daddy’s favorite Mexican restaurant) and you had too much fun dancing to the music! You put both your hands in the air, spread your fingers out wide and bounce up and down. I think your happy dance is my favorite thing ever.

You are such a good, happy baby and sometimes I am so surprised how laid back and happy you are. You just love taking in the sites and experiencing new things. You smile at new people and try new foods. Such a big boy.

I love you with all my heart little man. You and all those curls you’re sprouting on the back of your head : )


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