Show Notes

Dear sweet B,

Oh bubba my heart is so sad right now. I hate when you don’t feel well. And this is the very first time. We’ve seen the doctor three times in as many days. And today I had to hold you tight while you wore the nebulizer to get the medicine into your lungs. We cried, you and me, for twelve minutes while the nebulizer did its work.

You were such a big boy and by the third treatment you were doing much better. Daddy had a lot to do with that last one. He makes you happy like no one else.

Get well sweet B. I’ve been spending lots of time with you this week just making sure you’re loved on. Your doctor said were doing everything we can. We have lots of friends who have had RSV so their mamas have been coaching me through it. We have such great friends sweet boy. I love you more than words. Sleep tight sweet B.



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