Show Notes

Dear B,

Today was your first Christmas. We celebrated at Nana and Grandpas house in Pensacola with lots of yummy food, wonderful gifts, our favorite traditions and our amazing family. You have had so much fun.

Nana has given you a book every night since we got here – and the book she gave you today was your very favorite: Elmo’s “Close At Heart” book. Nana and Grandpa recorded their voices reading to you about how much they love you and miss you when they are far away. It made everyone cry but you. You wanted the pages to turn faster : )

You also got a dinosaur walking toy and to everyone’s surprise walked (wobbly!) all the way across the room for the first time ever! Santa brought you books and your very own remote control with Elmo on it. I think your favorite gift was from Aunt Susu – a wiggly, giggly monkey. You just laughed and crawled in circles around it!!

It has been pure joy for me to show you all of our family traditions – cookies for Santa, a snack dinner by the fire on Christmas Eve, a scavenger hunt for our last Christmas gift, Christmas jammies, and lots of time together.

As you become a big boy (a toddler!) I see your personality really coming out : ) You are curious and sweet. The sweetest boy ever really. Your disposition is happy and kind already. You are also independent. You feed yourself your bottle, prefer to eat finger foods rather than have me feed you and don’t like to snuggle for much more than ten seconds unless you’re sleepy.

Last night, on Christmas Eve, you were having a hard time falling asleep in your little bed at Nana and Grandpas house. I came in and scooped you up. You’d had such a busy day and were exhausted. You laid your head on my shoulder and squeezed my neck. The candles in the windows were the only light in the room and you let me rub your little back while you fell asleep face down on my chest wearing your special Christmas jammies.

It was the best Christmas gift. You haven’t done that in probably six months. I said a Christmas prayer with you and laid you in your crib to rest before Santa came.

I love you more than there are stars in the sky little man. The greatest gifts arent those that come wrapped with ribbons and bows, but the gifts of time and laughter and ten minute snuggles we give. Thank you for the best Christmas ever.

I love you,


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