Show Notes

Dear B,

It’s almost Christmas, sweet boy! We’ll be spending the holidays with your Nana and Grandpa in Pensacola. Santa’s elves are busy creating lots of special gifts for you since you’ve been SUCH a good boy this year!

We’ve gone to visit him a few times and have been able to spend lots of time with your friends lately. We’re so very lucky to have such good friends. You love our Christmas tree (and especially Mommy’s gold glitter trees on the fireplace) and want to touch EVERYTHING that sparkles and shimmers.

I can’t believe your first birthday is around the corner. Where on earth did ten months go. Just two more and we’re going to have a very special birthday party for you. Your first year has been an amazing one. You love Elmo. He’s your favorite and he makes you LAUGH. Ever since you received your first ‘SO BIG’ Elmo book. You laugh and turn the pages to get to the last pop-up page with the big Elmo. You love to eat too. Your favorite things are blueberries and green beans. Your Daddy and I want to feed you lots of different, healthy foods so you develop a love for things that are good for you. You haven’t disliked any food as of yet!

You also love Briggs, your Dog. You have another puppy, Harley Bogart, who lives in Pensacola with Nana and Grandpa for now. He went to stay for a while because he needed lots of room to run and play and they have a great big yard (plus, Tucker and Petey are there!) Briggs is so big. He’s 150 lbs and he loves you too. When Briggs walks by you or even looks in your direction, you LAUGH. But the one person who makes you laugh the most is your Daddy. He has all kinds of fun games he plays with you and makes up songs about you. His songs are my favorite. They make you AND me laugh.

I can’t wait to experience Christmas, with our family, with you, Bman. So many fun things lie ahead in the next few days. We celebrate each other and God’s love for us. There are no greater things than God and family. I love you, B. Thanks for snuggling with me when I scooped you out of your crib in the middle of the night the other day : ) Those are moments I’ll cherish forever.



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