Show Notes

Little B,

You are one handsome fella. This photo is of you and I at the park with Daddy (behind the camera). You LOVE to swing at the park. You laugh and giggle and your daddy and I take turns pushing you so the other can watch you laugh hysterically. Watching you laugh is our new favorite hobby.

You learned how to wave a few days ago and haven’t stopped doing it since. You waved at the entire crowd on Good Morning America on tv today and at a few unexpecting people at the mall : )

Your top two teeth are pushing through so we’ve had a few rough nights but you’ve become a really great sleeper otherwise. Good job B : )

I’m starting to see your real “little boy” personality coming out. Your disposition is so sweet and pure. It’s blissful and full of joy. You barely cry (unless you’re hungry!) and are so well behaved. You laugh A LOT. It’s funny how centered I feel when I’m with you. Like I’m right where I’m supposed to be. That feeling is what I’d use to define the word “home”. I feel like that with you, your daddy and Nana and Grandpa. I hope you always feel that feeling too. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around us… That “home” feeling is just there.

I love you little man! Well… You’re not so little my almost ten month, 27lb “baby”. What a beautiful, beautiful ten months it has been.

I love you,


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