Show Notes

Dear Bman,

My oh my. I don’t even know where to begin. In the past two weeks you’ve become… A big boy. Im so excited to see how quickly you’re learning and growing, but I’m a little sad too : ) it’s amazing how quickly you’ve grown from needing me to do everything for you… To crawling, waving bye bye, holding your own bottle, eating pieces of peaches and loving apple juice.

But along with those new developments comes your ability to want and need and recognize your mama : ) You crawl to me and reach up for me. Today you snuggled into my neck with your head on my shoulder when you fell asleep. No better feeling.

This weekend we decorated our home for your very first Christmas!! You were amazed at the lights on the tree and immediately wanted to climb it. The part you loved the most was a silly reindeer who dances and sings Jingle Bells. My grandma (Mumu – yep that’s what everyone called her) gave that to me when I was little. I think she knew youd love it one day. She probably giggled from Heaven watching you laugh at it.

Christmas is a really special time. Not only is it filled with tradition and family, but it’s a celebration of Jesus. One day when you’re a little older, I’ll tell you all about Him.

I love you, Bman and I love watching you grow. Thanksgiving is this week and well be hosting a big dinner at our house for your Dads side of our family. It’s going to be so much fun! When I think about what I’m most thankful for… I’m just so thankful that you are you… That you are healthy and happy and ours.

Soon I’ll write to you about the amazing week you had last week with Nana and Grandpa. Your daddy and I were both traveling for work so you spent the week with them in Pensacola. We missed you dearly but you had a great time being spoiled! This photo makes me smile. Two of my favorite people ever. And a little bump on your head from playing outside : )

I love you,


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