Show Notes

Dear Bman,

Your Aunt Lara is about to give birth to Miss Grace Austin any day now. We laugh that she is your future wife and doesn’t know it yet. I am so excited for Aunt Lara to experience the joys of motherhood… I wrote her an email last week that made me cry. Just remembering those few moments that a mama replays over and over again for the rest of her life. Wow… those few moments when your first baby is born… You only become a mama for the first time once. Oh my heart is bursting for her.

It made me think about our prayer for the woman who WILL one day be your wife. It may seem silly since you’re only nine months old. But I think about her and pray for her to bring you so much joy one day. I pray she has a faithful heart and loves God and prays with you like I do at night. I pray she loves you with all of her heart and desires a home and family full of joy and tradition. I pray she loves her own family too. I pray she finds joy in the silly things and avoids the small and insignificant things that cloud our vision. I pray she supports your big dreams and has a few of her own. I pray she wants to make you a daddy one day too. : )

I am so proud of you B. You started crawling last week and made everyone SO proud!!!!

I love you!


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