Behind the Scenes of A Simplified Photoshoot
Behind the Scenes of A Simplified Photoshoot
Show Notes

 Hi, friends! Whitney, Hannah, and Lindsey here to tell you all about Simplified's most recent photoshoot! Well, not everything – you'll have to wait for Cover Reveal on April 7 to see the new products and Simplified Planner covers. Our whole team is already counting down the minutes until we can share them with you! 

On Team Simplified, we refer to this photoshoot by the very fancy title, "Girl with Planner," (GWP for short) because it's exactly that – images of six different women, from all different backgrounds and seasons of life, displaying the NEW 2021-22 Signature Simplified Planners. These are the images we will use for our BIG Cover Reveal on April 7 and for Launch Days, social media, and adverting throughout the year! We use this day to get as many photos as possible so that we can consolidate shoots throughout the year. 

Like everything else in 2020, this year's photoshoot presented us with a few extra hurdles to overcome to ensure we were abiding by the CDC's recommendations for COVID-19 + local government mandates, and keeping everyone safe and healthy throughout the day! Despite these added challenges, we couldn't be more thrilled with how the shoot turned out, and we hope to be able to make up for it at next year's photoshoot with lots of hugs and friendly smiles (without the masks!). 

For our team, GWP means we are one step to Launch Day for the upcoming year (yay!). The entire process begins with creative direction, then to Design Squad for covers and approval, production, and finally, we get to photograph it to show y’all! We work so far in advance that it’s often hard to say what year it is, and each year is our new favorite, which makes our job the most fun. 

We started set up the day before this year to avoid extra chaos the morning of the photoshoot. One by one, our six models (we like to call them friends) had their hair and makeup done by our friend, Teighla. As soon as each model was ready, she headed downstairs to start taking her portion of the photos in our socially distanced setup! We all get through the entire day of photo and video taking with occasional coffee and sugar breaks–– custom tumblers for our iced coffee are a must! Each and every person works hard to make this day as special as it is, and we couldn't do it without them!

Aside from the incredible people, one of the biggest things that makes GWP is the outfits. For the GWP photoshoot, we always try to find clothing that compliments our new products. In the search for the perfect dress or top, we are also thinking about what will enhance each cover and make them stand out, without distracting the viewer from the beautiful products. Oh, and don't tell Emily we're spilling this secret, BUT y'all have been asking for a particular color cover and this year we listened.... 🙊

Because you always ask, we linked what we could to each of the model’s outfits this year–– we knew y'all would want the details! They brought their own denim and shoes, and we brought the rest! We're pretty sure our whole team has their eye on that ruffleneck top – how cute?! 

Stephanie's outfits 

Chelsey’s outfits 

Jacklyn’s outfits   

 Kiara’s outfits 

  • Chambray dress 
  • Yellow dress was from a past Draper James' collection 

 Megan’s outfits 

Amanda’s outfits

Again, a huge thank you to everyone that makes this day run so smoothly. We just love this Simplified Sisterhood!  

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