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When it came time to build Bman’s nursery, Bryan and I knew we wanted something that didn’t scream BABY. We wanted it to be sophisticated, fun and a reflection of “us” as a family. Bryan and I are both from Pensacola… and Bryan’s grandfather hand-carved a couple of pieces that are very special to him, so we built the nursery around a preppy sailboat theme. ‘/

Many thanks to Gina Zeidler for the amazing photographs in this collection above his changing table (from Ikea). I created the monogram piece and my best friend Taylor created the adorable shell-frame (which will one day hold a newborn photo of Bman). The parade illustration is from one of my favorite children’s illustrators – Sarah Jane Studios.

Every little boy deserves a monogrammed Pottery Barn diaper bag.

Books are really important to my family. This is one of my personal favorites. It’s inside a little blue tin that one of our good friends McKay gave us filled with bibs, burp cloths, a bag and other goodies from Oatmeal Lace (her shop!). This little tin sits on a wicker basket (that doubles as a table) next to my glider. The glass fish is really special to us. That sand is actually sand from Pensacola Beach – our hometown. Yes, at 6 months pregnant, my Mom and Taylor took me to the beach during a visit home so I could dig up some hometown beach sand for this little arrangement.

The view of his crib. I love this cross that hangs in the doorway. It was given to me by my grandmother who passed away years ago. And it reminds me of all the angels watching over Brady. Both of my grandmothers, my grandfather, Bryan’s grandfather, sweet baby Gavin… I could go on and on. He’s a blessed, loved little boy.

On the right is B’s bookshelf. In the center is a hand-carved boat captain that Bryan’s grandfather carved him. It was the inspiration for this room :) On top is a big sailboat that his grandfather built for him as well. Behind the bookshelf is the beadboard that my dad came down and put together for Bman. It took him a few days and really makes the nursery extra special. We’re so READY for him! What you don’t see in these photos are the pack-n-play, the swing, the bouncer, the activity mat, etc etc etc that is taking over our house :) 5 more weeks (if we make it that far!)

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