Show Notes

What does it mean to really be intentional with our time. I am in Pensacola with Brady visiting my family for a week. (We miss you Daddy!) I’ve been exhausted since I got here – probably a mix of early mornings (Brady is behind an hour since we crossed time zones) and my body taking advantage of the luxury of having lots of people who want to borrow and love on Brady : )

But tonight as I was enjoying my family’s traditional and delicious Cajun boil (I’m so stuffed) it occurred to me that TWO days have already passed by since we got here. How is that so! It feels like ten minutes.

Since then the idea of being “intentional” with time has been on my mind. By planning my days (and even hours) better I can accomplish so much more than when I let time pass by so nonchalantly. Life is so short.

I always leave home wishing I’d scheduled more coffee dates with old friends or one more lunch out with my mama and little B. Or more time to REST while Nana soaks up Brady.

This goes for my time at home too. At the end of my week, I always feel so much more accomplished, satisfied, balanced and RESTED when I’ve been intentional with my time – and made certain to schedule time for errands, rest and PLAY.

Perhaps I need to put that Simplified Planner to even BETTER use. : )

I went to a great local spot for a mani/pedi and glass of Chardonnay yesterday (hello! What a genius idea for a nail salon!) and thought… Why don’t I schedule more of THIS in my life : )

Moral of this story… When we are intentional with our time we put the few short years we have to such great use rather than allow them to pass by.

Cheers to a wonderful week ahead : )



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