Show Notes

Today I left Target almost emptyhanded. This hasn’t happened in quite some time. You see, Target is my safe place. My place where I can go and get an iced latte (and an apple juice box) and check things off my to-do list all while enjoying a leisurely stroll with my silly, quiet baby.

And then he became a toddler.

And then he decided he didn’t like the apple juice and he wanted the milk instead. And then he wanted cookies and the oranges in the buggy and he didn’t want to wear his shoes and where was his hat and Mommy BRADY DO IT!!


Sigh. So long Target. I loved that you were my safe place. But somehow you became the place I dread because of THOSE LOOKS I get from others :) It’s funny, they aren’t the “you’re a horrible Mom looks.” Oh no. These are looks from mothers of older children who smile and sympathize. We’ll survive the WONDERFUL twos (I’m going to “act the way I want to feel” here). Sometimes I think I can’t go anywhere anymore and that he’s seriously entering those “behavior blackout dates” where you just stay home and brave it out. But the more we get him into social situations and out in public, the more he grows and learns.

Teaching Brady about good behavior is challenging but it’s so much fun when you see him “get it.” For instance, when someone speaks to him, he is very, very polite. Sometimes when he meets someone new, he reaches out to shake their hand. We learned this from a friend of ours whose little son reached out to shake Bryan’s hand in Chick Fil A one day. We were floored and very impressed with this little Southern gentleman. But I smile now knowing it probably wasn’t easy for his Mama to teach him to be so well behaved in public.

Have you ever thought about how funny it is that one of the most trying times with a child is one of the most AMAZING times as well. They’re learning boundaries and patience and self control but they’re also learning WORDS! And making friends! And learning how to love :)

I’m also learning right along with Brady. I’m learning that he will always test his Mama more than anyone else as he begins to understand his role in our family and the way we behave at home or away from home. That’s hard on my heart sometimes, but I’m really grateful for good friends who cheer me on all the way.

This weekend begins Potty Training Weekend (we are gently attempting the three-day method). Brady has been “ready” for months, but we’ve been nervous. So we’re diving in tomorrow morning! We’ll be on lock down at our house, so wish us the best!

Happy weekend friends!



PS: Our experience entering the WONDERFUL TWOs was the inspiration behind our “great day BREAKFAST plates”! We’re working on bowls and mugs now too, so stay tuned!

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