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I admit it. I’m a hopeless list maker. I get great satisfaction out of crossing things off my list(s). It’s sad. Oh the life of a Type-A.

In preparing for Bman (3 weeks, buddy!) I’ve made list after list after list and planned to put them all together one day to share with you! I would have given my right arm for a LIST OF ALL LISTS — one fit for the entrepreneur mother. So here goes. Prepare to be amazed at how OCD I actually am… but know that the feeling I have now, with all of this finished, makes me the happiest girl in the world. It’s kind of like spring cleaning.


  • Replace burned out lightbulbs throughout our whole house.
  • Get spare keys made for Mom and Dad.
  • Clean out pantry and fridge. THROW STUFF AWAY.
  • Hire cleaning service to take care of our house for time-being. (I normally pride myself in doing this on my own, but I have way too much going on right now)
  • Purchase baby-safe detergent for Bman’s clothes in bulk.
  • Get the nursery ready.
  • Buy everything not received at baby showers that Bman will need.
  • Build all Bman’s furniture and contraptions (swing, bouncer, etc).
  • Have carseat installed by someone who knows what they’re doing. (thanks, Lisa!!)
  • Clean out and wash car.
  • Order new return address stamp that includes Bman… not just Emily & Bryan.
  • Design the shell for baby announcements (to be updated with his length, weight and birthday and sent to print).
  • Address and stamp envelopes for baby announcements.
  • Write and send all Bman’s thank you notes for baby showers and gifts.
  • Put away all baby shower gifts – making room for bath stuff, kitchen things, etc.
  • Take dogs to the vet for their annual shots.
  • Have dogs groomed.
  • Create and update (to-date) baby book.
  • Take care of any big house/yard projects (we had 6 trees cut down that were threatening our house in the event of a hurricane).
  • Organize all personal files – make one for Brady.
  • Schedule groomer, doctor, etc appts six months out.
  • Get important things on the Calendar (I use iCal – all birthdays, groomer appts, doc appts, etc)
  • Research and book consultations with two pediatricians.
  • Find a cute delivery gown (thanks, Christi!)
  • Make sure the camera has batteries in it and is packed.
  • Pack hospital bag (don’t forget hubby’s things!)
  • Pack diaper bag.
  • Spend some time with just B and some time with just friends.
  • Last year’s taxes.
  • Cancel my million magazine subscriptions. Subscribe to new ones (Parents, anyone?)
  • Get the guest room ready for my Mom & Dad!
  • Wash all clothes that belong to Bman.


  • Purge, clean out, GUT office.
  • Create a workspace suitable for Bman to hang out in too.
  • Set dates for maternity leave.
  • Add maternity leave notification to email signature one month in advance.
  • Write maternity leave auto-response.
  • Go through all business files and delete everything not needed.
  • Last year’s taxes.
  • Simplify everything. Workflows, especially. Write them out to see each step.
  • Ensure everything is cohesive: all files have same version of logo, fonts, etc.
  • Double check social media pages. Make sure Facebook and Twitter info is up to date.
  • Connect Facebook and Twitter via the Twitter app on Facebook and install Boxcar. (I use Twitter on my iPhone and Tweetdeck on my iMac to update both).
  • Update ALL software (CS5! Microsoft Office for Mac 2011!)
  • Sync Airbook and iMac – same fonts, same (well, the most important) files.
  • Automate as much as possible. This. is. key.
  • Create templates for documents I create all the time.
  • Sign up for services (many of which are free) to make life easier: Freshbooks, Outright, EchoSign, YouSendIt.
  • Download the Colored Folder Creator app for iMac. Color code iCal to match desktop folders – to keep multiple businesses in-line. (SCREENSHOT)
  • Take time to create “actions” for most commonly used functions in Illustrator. (makes life easier!)
  • Design and print new cohesive ELP/ELC collateral (business cards, stationery, labels, etc)
  • Go through and update all websites.
  • Clean office (with Clorox wipes) including monitor and keyboard.
  • Organize all business files.
  • Put reminders in iCal for payday, payments due, etc.

My list was much bigger in the beginning of my pregnancy, but I’ve successfully nested my way through everything – including these tasks. I cant tell you how good it feels to know how streamlined and simplified things are before his arrival. Everything will likely turn on its head when he gets here – but at least I feel prepared :) The only thing I have to do now is spend some q-time with Bryan and our friends… before Bman’s scheduled arrival on February 16.

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