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1897766_10152817602056926_2754395299162824505_n So, my friend Kate over at The Small Things Blog, has been doing this Q & A post for a while. I LOVE it. And since I get all kinds of random questions from time to time, I thought it might be fun to start something similar here!! Every month or so, I’ll post a call for questions on our Facebook Page and choose the most LIKED questions to answer. Here we go!

Is the Simplified App still in the works?

You betcha! In fact, it keeps me awake at night :) The app is a TON of work and we have an incredible team we’re working with. There are a million steps to getting an app in the App Store, so we’re hoping to launch by the end of the year. It. Is. Spectacular. A few answers for questions you’re thinking to yourself: Android? No. iPad? Yep, after iPhone. Price? Mmm, not sure yet. Nothing crazy. Follow @EmilyLey and @SimplifiedApp on Instagram for updates.

I wasn’t sure if you already addressed this, but what made you decide to quit your non-profit job to create your own business? Also any tips for anyone aspiring to do the same?

Oh I could write you a novel on this. I held a few fancy jobs in the non-profit world (I have my MSA in Public Administration) before starting my business. In fact, I worked both for about two years. It was HARD. But I deeply desired to live a balanced life, to use my creative gifts to their fullest and to BE a change-maker. I felt like I was “supporting” or “helping” but not DOING. I wanted to be a mama more than anything and I refused to work 60 hours a week. I also hate wearing skirt suits, so there’s that. :) I created the life I dreamed of and a business that supported that. It wasn’t without a lot (LOT) of sweat, tears and paper cuts, though. And a lot of fall-on-my-face moments. I messed up – a lot. And little by little we built a brand I’m so proud of. I say we meaning Bryan and I. He doesn’t “work” for the company, but he helps me make every big decision. I’m so grateful for him and his finance mind. I prefer to think in colors while he thinks in numbers. :) Tips? Don’t be afraid of the hard work. Google the “dumb” questions (they’re not dumb, they’ve been googled before). Dive in. Give it all you’ve got. And run your business debt-free (that’s for you, Will Ray!) Seriously, it’s one of my biggest new-business-owner tips.

What is your daily skin care and makeup routine?

Oh hahahahaha. If only you could see what I look like right now. I knew I had to answer this. I hardly ever wear makeup during the workday. I prefer to give my skin a chance to breathe… no, I just don’t have time to do it. But when I do – it takes me about 10 minutes. I’ve gotten really good at doing makeup fast. I have a ton of hair (had… pregnancy is making it all fall out for some reason) so its typically in a side-parted pony tail or knot. Makeup-wise, I love MAC Cosmetics. I use their foundation, pressed powder (with a giant brush), BRIGHT pink blush, eye-lid primer, neutral eyeshadow and a Loreal mascara and liner. I hate wearing lipstick, so I typically just use EOS lip balm and call it a day. Skincare – I love Rodan & Fields Redefine, but since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been using Neutrogena Naturals.

What’s in your purse on an average day?

Ok, I’m literally going to grab my LV and tell you what’s in it right now. It doesn’t change often. A royal blue wallet from Target (fancy 31st bday purse, cheap wallet). Honest Co wipes (for dirty hands and food covered mouths). A handful of LePens and Poppin pens. EOS lip balm. Some Halloween candy (for me) and a few organic lollipops (for B). Honest Co hand sanitizer spray. Target sunglasses (I refuse to buy fancy ones because I lose them every 6 weeks). Honda Odyssey keys (with a pineapple keychain – a gift from Bryan). My Simplified Planner (of course). And my gold Jackery iPhone charger (thanks for the tip, Gina!)

That was fun! Have more questions? I’ll post on our FB page to gather them for our next post soon! :)

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