Show Notes

Over the past few months I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes giving Emily Ley Paper, Emily Ley Creative and this blog a makeover of sorts. My brand has always felt very authentic but over the past year I have changed so much… becoming a mother, starting an amazing new company with Lara Casey and developing a whole new set of priorities… it was time for a fresh new look. And y’all… this just feels so good. Like a comfy sweater on the first day of Fall.

Introducing crazy town my daily ventures above in this new blog header. No really, we actually referred to it as crazy town throughout the design process : ) Its a crazy, beautiful circus of the things that mean the most to me. Click around up there and visit my loves. Thank you to Ashley Brooke Quintana for her unbelievable illustration skills and Aeolidia for their beautiful work on all of these sites. They so beautifully took the brand I designed and created a web presence that is polished and clean.

The new Emily Ley Paper is a beautiful lookbook featuring my four collections. Also on the new ELP site — the Simplified Planner is now available for PRE-ORDER!! Thank you so much to K&K Photography for their beautiful talents, to Lauren Grove for her stunning styling abilities and to Gina Zeidler (a thank you to G for SO MUCH!) for my gorgeous headshots! And Jenni Bailey Photography as well! Jenni is a wonderful new photographer in the Orlando area and Making Things Happen alum! Stay tuned for the NEW ELP online shop coming soon!

Emily Ley Creative is now a true collection of my most treasured work. Here you’ll find Making Brands Happen, Making Things Happen, the Stationery Academy and ALL NEW — stationery brand consulting. My adventure taking ELP from a handmade, home-spun business working all hours of the night to pursue this dream and turning it into an internationally sold brand of four stationery collections has created such a passion for partnering with other big dreaming designers to take their products and paper goods to the next level. I love love LOVE the new ELC. 

I am so unbelievably proud of this… my partnership with Lara Casey and our labor of love for this entire year. I can’t say enough about Making Brands Happen. It is the total package. It’s the work that makes my heart SING!! In 2011 alone we launched over 30 luxury wedding brands and built them from the inside out. We don’t just design brands, we build SOLID, strong, beautiful, authentic, POWERFUL businesses. Take a peek around. An enormous thank you to Cathy Olson of Love-Inspired (amazing!!!! Cathy works with us on our MBH client websites and is a GEM), Marissa Kloess (our amazing Client Concierge and dear friend!), Nicole Yang (our Design Assistant and dear friend as well!) for making THIS happen. We’re sold out for 2011 launches and are booking Spring 2012 launches now!

As I head out for a long holiday to spend time with my sweet Brady Ley, I can’t thank everyone enough for the love, support and encouragement this year. Becoming a mother has shaken me to my core in the best way possible. It’s made me live a life full of grace, not perfection and dedicate myself to helping others build simplicity into their lives as well. Sunday I leave for engage!11 in Grand Cayman and I cannot wait.



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