Show Notes

Happy Tuesday, friends! After much deliberation, I’ve decided to open a very limited number of sponsorship spaces on the right sidebar of the blog! Readership is growing exponentially – and I’m having entirely too much fun sharing my journey as a wife, mama, designer, entrepreneur, blueberry smasher, family organizer and tightrope walker (sure seems like all of those some days!)

When I began writing in this little blog in 2008, I never intended to open it to sponsors, but after multiple requests and the realization that I’d love to hand-pick extra special businesses and shops to help my readers balance their multiple job titles… well, it just seemed to fit. Please visit the sponsorship page for more information and to request the full media kit.

Special note: Each sponsor will be hand selected as an appropriate fit for the “Emily Ley” brand. In keeping with my love to for design, each sponsor will receive complimentary ad design (with one round of revisions). Enjoy!


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