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After our long battle with infertility, I designed our Baby Book to be a special, simple, beautiful place to capture the stories of our three little blessings. In doing so, I found myself wishing for pages that were specific to our children – each with their own special story. I created four page packs that are now available in our shop: NICU, adoption, foster and infertility. With each one, I had heartfelt conversations with mamas who’d experienced and loved their children through those stories. That’s how each page was selected and developed.

While there are LOTS of other types of page packs in the works and on my heart, one special page pack was heavy on my heart. I wanted to help mamas with heavenly babies tell the stories of their little ones as well. I have goosebumps typing this, but I really believe our baby book is one of the most special things I’ve ever had the honor of creating. I reached out to my friend, Ashlee Proffitt, whose little Aaden Sage had made his journey to heaven. I still can’t wrap my heart around what her heart must feel. But she so genuinely and graciously helped me create pages to hold Aaden’s story, his teeny tiny little details, words that describe his special perfect smell and their funny, crazy first night at home with him. I’ll let Ashlee take it from here.

From Ashlee: The fear of any mother who has ever lost a child is that the life of their precious baby will be forgotten. Forgotten by their friends, by their family, by the world. And even more so, every mother who has ever lost a child fears that she too will forget all those teeny, tiny, seemingly insignificant, but amazing details that she never thought to write down or capture… because she thought she had a lifetime of memories to make, not weeks or days or minutes. I wanted to remember everything about my son. Every single detail. I wish I had begun writing the moment I knew he was gone so that right now, in this moment, I could tell you all those things about him I thought I would never forget. He had my toes and his eyes could pierce your soul. He just smelled so good — that absolutely perfect baby smell. His first night home was an epic disaster that I will be forever grateful for because it meant I held him all night long… hours I still long for. Having a space to capture those memories and moments and all the teeny, tiny and seemingly insignificant details is a gift that will bring joy and hope to all mamas for lifetimes.

100% of profits from the Heavenly Baby Page Pack will be donated directly to the Aaden Sage Birthday Project where Ashlee helps other mamas celebrate their heavenly babies as well.

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