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We host for Bryan’s family every year and I’m a pretty terrible cook. I make some easy family-favorites and set a pretty table to make up for my lack of skills in the kitchen. And are you ready for this… wait for it… we rented a bounce house for Thanksgiving this year. Because #SOMANYKIDSINTHEKITCHEN. Seriously, though. I think its a brilliant idea.


Back to dinner-making and table-decorating. By now you know my undying love for all things Mud Pie. And it was way too much fun to decorate a Thanksgiving table with all their cute things this year. See below for links to all our table decorations.


Thanksgiving dinner can be an enormous undertaking. To avoid the craziness, I try to start planning a few weeks in advance. Here’s my simple process:
1) Decide the menu
2) Make the grocery list
3) Choose table decor
Then, on the day-of, I wake up super early and get the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on TV. Does anyone else cry while watching this thing? I do EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. It was tradition when I was little to watch this while cooking Thanksgiving dinner. So I get all sappy and sentimental watching it with my little ones.


Bryan does the turkey on Thanksgiving, so I’m left with the big sides (his family brings lots of goodies too). I wanted to share a few of my favorite recipes with you:

As you can tell, I love Pioneer Woman. Hope over to Instagram to join in the conversation. We want to hear about your favorite recipes while we’re making our menus!


Our favorite Mud Pie Thanksgiving goodies:

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