Show Notes

Dear Brady,

Yesterday, your mama woke up really, really early (even before you), put on her shoes and went up the street to the little church on the corner. See, it was election day and Mommy got to fill out a piece of paper filling in bubbles next to the names of people she’d like to run our country and make big decisions that will affect her, your Daddy and even you. In fact, their decisions will impact our whole country – everyone who lives here. It’s pretty awesome that Mommy and Daddy are allowed to do that — to VOTE and help shape our country. There are lots of people in the world who don’t have the freedom to do that. The United States is pretty neat.

But see, sometimes, even though their votes are important, the people Mommy and Daddy choose don’t win. And Mommy and Daddy don’t get their way. You know… like when you want to eat the cookies before they go in the oven or when you don’t want to get out of the bathtub but Mommy takes you out to go and get you dressed.

I’m writing you this little letter to tell you about something so important… respect. See, sometimes when things don’t go our way, it’s easy to make a fuss and say things that hurt other people. But God asks us to respect “authorities” who govern us and pray that they make good decisions. So in our family, that’s what we do. We shake their hands (just like you’ll learn one day when your tee-ball team loses a game) and show them respect. Even when we’re sad or angry, we treat others the way we’d like to be treated. It’s called the Golden Rule.

Because, see, we live in a pretty amazing country. Every grown up who is a citizen of our country has the FREEDOM to vote and make their voice heard. There are a lot of men and women who leave their families to go and protect our rights (like that one). When you are a grown up, you’ll be able to vote too. And the neatest part is… those men who we voted on yesterday, they are so brave. Even if we don’t agree with them, they are very strong and brave men. I hope you learn a lot from both of them. I hope you learn that people matter, that our country is incredible and that no matter what God is still in control.

And if your team doesn’t win, I hope you shake the other guy’s hand. I hope you pray hard and that you do good work and give lots of LOVE to make change. I hope that you watch the way these brave men live their lives and decide how you want to live yours. I hope that you remember President Obama and Governor Romney and see how two little boys (just like you!) grew up with big dreams to create change and to help people.

In four years, you will be almost six years old. And when we elect another President, Mommy’s going to take you with her to vote and you’ll get to see her make her voice heard. And even if our team doesn’t win again, you and Mommy and Daddy will still show LOVE and RESPECT to the other team. Because after all, little man, we are one nation, under God and that’s really what matters. No matter what happens or who wins or what we disagree with. FAITH, HOPE and LOVE are what remain. And the greatest of these is love (1 Cor 13). It’s our job now to give lots of it away.



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