Show Notes

My cup is so full. I mentioned in my last post how my proverbial cup seems to empty and fill so quickly these days. But today, as I was walking through the Florida Aquarium with my B’s, I thought… how on earth did I end up here – so so full at the very core.

After 28 and a half years.Married to my best friend with the best, most beautiful, healthy son anyone could ask for. I watched Bryan hold Brady and introduce him to new thing after new thing. They’re going to be best friends. Bryan doesn’t realize the HUGE grin on Brady’s face when he comes home from work. He loves his Daddy so much.

I watched Brady make faces I’ve never seen before as he saw sharks, sting rays and flamingos for the first time. He got to see the cruise ship and he got to take photos with Daddy in the photo booth (well, mommy crashed the last one). And it occurred to me that life is just so good. Relish. Relish. Relish is all I could think. I wanted to bottle up today and keep it in my back pocket for the next time I felt overwhelmed. It was a little bit of slow-down, mixed with my favorite Bs, paired with a little good-old-fashioned play time. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

All of that to say… God is just good. Life isn’t sunshine and roses here all the time, don’t be fooled. But one things for sure, the Leys have much to be thankful for. And it all starts with how God has tied our little family together with all the right strings – commitment, a sense of humor, faith and priority. That’s our core. And as I’m sitting here writing this, my hubby brings me a glass of cabernet and a bag of Dove peanut butter + chocolate promises. He knows how I love peanut butter + chocolate. And cabernet. Happy Sunday friends. Hope you have a great week with your little families too.



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