Show Notes

Here I am posting in the middle of the night again. Such a misfit I am becoming. Truth be told, it’s the only quiet time I’ve had all day. I’ve always tried to perfect each blog post and have the perfect image to adorn this header but eh. I was lucky to shove cheese and crackers in the general direction of my face tonight : ) it’s funny. The times I feel the most blessed, the luckiest to do what I do – those are also the times I feel the most amount of stress, the biggest lack of sleep and the unmistakable adrenaline rush of being ON 24/7. Funny how I thrive off of that?!

Brady is sleeping (knock on every piece of wood in this house) much better now. I wont bore you with the secret to sleep and the unconventional way we achieved this four nights in a row, just know Brady is sleeping much better, in his crib, and without seven play times a night. Ok we hired a sleep consultant. Worth every penny. I would pay her ten times more in a split second. : )

And then… There are the days… Making Brands Happen is phenomenal work, y’all. In a big way. I have never done such fulfilling, exciting, amazing work in all my life. The clients we work with… Oh my stars. We are wrapping up 2011 now. (That’s right! I’m taking a long winter break!!) And it has been one heck of a year. I have learned more from the enormous transformations our clients have undergone than I ever imagined. And there are new things, new processes, and even a brand spanking new website in the works. Get ready. It is pure amazingness. Times twelve and then some.

And amidst all this is little bman… and my sweet patient husband – who is my biggest fan. He loves every launch, every new release, every little detail. Thats my Big B. My little B has started to consider crawling (poor thing has a lot to lift up!!) and is saying all kinds of (make-no-sense) words these days.

Be still my heart. : )

And so… all of this to say – balance is not a learned skill or something that you master – it’s a dance. A constant waltz that never ends and always has you feeling slightly off centered like you’re about to face plant.

And that’s ok : )

Yesterday we put Brady in a plastic garbage bag covered high chair behind a tray of chocolate pudding (don’t worry he didn’t eat much…. Well, a little). That’s what life is all about. Banging your hands around in a mess of a new experience and laughing til you can’t breathe.

Who knew an eight (eight?!?!?) month old would teach me so much.

So off I go to enjoy a Monday night skinny girl margarita. Happy week everyone!



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