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3 Tips for Keeping a Tidy Home

March 02, 2016


photo via: Aubrie/Apartment 34       


We believe that physical clutter creates mental clutter. Keeping a tidy home is SO essential when it comes to keeping our minds and lives organized, but who has time to spend hours cleaning every week? Not us! Today we're sharing a few of our favorite, simple tips for keeping your home tidy. 


1. Have a place for everything. We've found that when things don't have a specific place they belong, our spaces get cluttered and things get lost. Have a designated spot by the front door for shoes, backpacks, and keys. Keep a special spot in your bedroom just for the current book you're reading. Give everything a home. If you don't have the space for something, toss it! If you absolutely must keep it, get rid of something else that isn't necessary. Never keep more than you have room for! 


2. Do laundry daily. This one is HUGE, and if you've been following along with us for any amount of time, you've most certainly heard this tip before. This may not work if you take your clothes to the laundromat, or if you live in an area with water restrictions, but keeping your laundry pile as manageable as possible does wonders for your sanity and for maintaining a tidy home. Doing a small batch of laundry every day saves you from those dreaded, time consuming laundry days and keeps you from wearing stinky socks to the gym because you ran out of clean ones. 


3. Don't let dishes pile up in the sink. This one is so easy to let slide, but there's just something about having a clean sink that makes your whole kitchen feel clean and visa versa when the sink is a cluttered mess. Do the dishes after every meal, and avoid that huge, unsurmountable pile of dishes every week. 


So, there you have it. Three of our favorite ways to jumpstart your cleaning and ensure your home stays as clutter-free as possible. Looking for more simple organizational tips? Be sure to check out our Simplicity Challenge and follow along with us on Instagram! Happy organizing! :) 


copyright 2018 emily ley