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Simplicity Series: Mandy Rose

February 29, 2016


Hi! I'm Mandy Rose... you might know me from a few of the blogs my husband and I share our lives on, House of Rose and Marriage More. I'm the momma of 3 boys with one more on the way via adoption. I love my crew, fountain coke, decorating my home and then redecorating it again and again... and when my husband does the laundry. Yes, my love language is "Acts of Service". My blog is an outlet to help show other women that you don't have to have the perfect life, but can start living a life you love with the life you already have. I've officially left the race of "perfect mommy" and am loving sharing with so many other Mommas how to get back to what really matters in life.


House of Rose Family


How do you take care of yourself so that you’re physically and mentally prepared to be your best self for others? Whewwwww. The busy of 2015 broke me (read the full details over here)... I'm committed to just a few things and when I go off that, it gets crazy. I'm committed to taking care of myself physically by running 21 Day Fix Challenge groups. It's 21 days of working out, eating clean and being part of a community encouraging other Mommas to take back all the excuses that their health doesn't matter. I'm committed to being there for my kids. At the end of 2015, I basically looked back and realized I’d missed “it”. Whatever the IT was, I missed out. Because I was too busy doing "all the things". A lot of the IT is the small stuff… walking to school each morning, folding laundry, dominating at Mario cart with my four year old… the nothings of life that somehow all add up to be something. So "all the things" had to turn into "a few of the main things" for me this year and it truly has changed the way I mother my children and love my husband.


What’s your favorite beauty secret? Ohhhhh, I am a face product junky so I could probably list about nine million things here. Ha! For one... ladies - DRINK LOTS OF WATER! I swear, I was told that for years and just shrugged my shoulders. But, I started drinking 64 ounces of water a day this past year and HELLO - my skin feels amazing. And if you love bright lips then try these two fabulous colors by LIPPY Butter London - Macbeth and Trout Pout . I.AM.OBSESSED.


What’s your favorite go-to outfit for a quick polished look? I'm really a simple girl. You can usually find me in some worn-in jeans and a graphic long sleeve shirt. Let's be honest... I like mom shoes or anything comfortable that still looks fashionable!

                  House of Rose Fashion


And yes, for the record, I wear leggings as pants sometimes. Sue me.


What’s your favorite quick-prep dinner for your family? Brushetta Burgers - 25 minutes and you are done with dinner on the table. I first heard about this amazing recipe from hosting a few college girls to stay in our home during a conference our church was holding. Needless to say, my boys ask for these burgers again and again. Don't let the burger thing scare you... these are made on a skillet, so no BBQ skills needed, ladies!

             THE BEST


Tell us your favorite Instagram account to follow and why? Just one?? Crap. I am an Insta-addict so I have many many many. Ha! I love following "She Reads Truth". Each day they post the more adorable images with scripture and truth. I often save a few of the images and end up keeping them close by on my phone for encouragement. I want to be best friends with Joanna Gaines so I must include her. I wear a side pony almost daily now and I want to shiplap everything in my entire house. For fun, I love love love Jamie Ivey. Have you guys read her blog yet? She's the Momma of four and always shares super honest and real life experiences. AND SHE HAS A PODCAST!


What tradition or routine is important to you? I absolutely love all things family. I grew up as an only child so the fact that I have boys and I can see then interact as siblings... is amazing to me! We love to do a yearly family adventure! Each year we pick a place we have never been and try to go there for 2 weeks! Two summers ago, my husband suggested we rent an RV and we traveled over 3500 miles with no plan whatsoever on where we would end up!

                              House of Rose RV TripHouse of Rose Family


It was the ultimate adventure! I can't wait to see what we decide on this year!


What’s in your purse? iPhone, wallet, chapstick, tonka trucks and lots of smashed goldfish crackers. You may even find a half eaten Oreo if you dig deep.


Where do you find your inspiration? All over really... I'm always pinning up home decor ideas and kid-friendly summer activities over here on my Pinterest account. I love seeing how other Mommas are conquering winter break with all the kids home for weeks on end... or what healthy recipes are delicious. I am also a HUGE podcast lover. I get so much inspiration from listening to how other people do life or motherhood or marriage.


We know you’re a busy lady! How do you balance raising three boys, the adoption process, blogging, and everything else you have going on? Any tips for our readers? It all goes back to "how do I take care of myself?"... I have learned the hard way to do less and live more. There's a smaller list of things that are most important for me these days and I just do those few things super well. Trying to give myself the permission to “do less, live more” was a long time coming… and long overdue. For months I’d been feeling like S-L-O-W-D-O-W-N. And when I started to listen to what I was feeling it all made sense. Truth be told, I felt a buttttttt load of guilt for feeling like I needed to do less. As a Mom, I felt like I should have it all together and be able to do “all the things” and do them well. When I got over the guilt of not doing it all and started focusing on doing what's most important well, it all made sense. My advice to the women out there who feel overwhelmed and run down? Stop trying to be everything to everyone and start being everything to just One. When we put all of our focus on Him, our lives become more joyful.


What’s your favorite app (or other tool) for helping you do life? Well, I am a picture fanatic so I love dropbox! It's such an easy way to share photos with others (especially large size files). I have it on all my computers and my iPhone. Staying on the topic of pictures... I love Afterlight. It's great for editing photos on your phone. And super easy! I use it daily! And of course, I am a HUGE fan of the podcast app. My husband and I podcast at Marriage More and we are BOTH addicted to listening to and recording podcasts. Ha!


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