Show Notes


      Photo of Ashlee Proffitt, captured by Laura Foote

Who we allow ourselves to follow on social media is so, so important. We believe the squares on our social media feeds are more than perfectly curated shots of beautiful things. Those little squares are each whispers that enter our minds and begin to form the way we think. They tell us what we need, where we should be going, what we should be doing with our kids, and the list goes on and on. So, we’re constantly searching to find good, inspirational accounts that help to cultivate joy in our lives and weeding out those accounts that leave us feeling empty and yearning for more. Today we’re sharing 7 of our very favorite, inspirational accounts. We hope this encourages you to examine the voices you are allowing to speak into your life and helps you to focus more on the good stuff.

1) @shereadstruth

2) @jessaconnolly

3) @thedailyst

4) @hayley.e.morgan

5) @vrsly

6) @ashleeproffitt

7) @lysaterkuerst

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