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Inside My Simplified Planner: Project Planning

October 07, 2015



Around here we like to think that the most important part of planning is allowing ourselves room for our perfectly planned schedules to get a little messy. Allowing ourselves to press pause on the busy-ness of life so that we can press play on those sweet, unforgettable moments-- the ones we want to savor and enjoy for a lifetime. Sometimes doing this means ordering pizza instead of spending hours in the kitchen working on a home cooked meal. Sometimes it means leaving work a little bit early to make it to your little one's soccer game. And sometimes it means not cleaning up the messy living room floor so that you can spend quality time with your husband after a long day. No matter what we have going on in our lives, those extra little projects that keep us busy won't always get done exactly when we planned for them to.


One of our favorite tips for keeping track of these projects was given to us by The Reset Girl. She told us, "I use small sticky notes as individual task lists. I start the week by stamping checkboxes and lines on a few sheets. I fill one out with the tasks I hope to accomplish that day or if I have a project, I will fill it out with all the tasks associated with that project. I add those sticky notes to my daily page. As I accomplish goals I check them off, but if there are any left over, I move the sticky note to the next day. I continue this all week until I finally complete checking off all the boxes. This is a fun challenge for myself to get them all done and throw the note away at the end of the week."


We love this idea, because it gives us grace to change our schedule if needed. When life comes calling one day, the projects we don't finish get moved to the next day. So today, allow yourself to press pause on the busy-ness so you can cherish those simple moments that create lifelong memories. 



Share with us your favorite planning tips and give us a glimpse inside your Simplified Planner by using hashtag #InsideMySP. To purchase your Simplified Planner or accessories, visit the shop or find a store near you.

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