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It’s that time of year again! So often when we attempt to get organized in January, we over-think the process of organization and make it SO MUCH more complicated than it is. Our organizational efforts fail because the standards we set for ourselves are so overwhelming. Our physical clutter in our homes turns into mental clutter in our minds, and we end up robbing our loved ones of our “best-self.” Well, not anymore! Today we’re sharing five of our favorite ways for staying organized in 2016. Easy, simple ways. Because with families to spend time with and moments to cherish, we want time to soak up the stuff that makes our hearts soar. The stuff that seems messy and overwhelming and hectic and yet at the very same time fills every part of our being with an unexplainable, jump-up-and-down type of joy. The stuff we can’t get enough of. The good stuff.


1. Give every object a home. In order to stay organized, everything needs to have it’s own place! If something doesn’t have a home, get rid of it. If you need to keep it, make room for it for by trashing something else. Otherwise, donate it or throw it away.

2.  Banish the stray papers. We all have them— receipts that pile up in our purses, junk mail that sits on our countertops, and those little, sticky note reminders we write to ourselves and forget to throw away. Get rid of them! As soon as you walk in the door with a new piece of paper, decide to either trash it or, if you have to keep it, put it where it belongs. Never leave those papers lying around! (We love placing receipts we need to keep for returns, etc. in the front pocket of our planner!)

3. Clear the fridge. Take a few minutes each week and clear your fridge of items that have expired or that will go bad before you can eat them. Use them up, or throw them out!

4. Do your laundry…daily! Some people may be able to skip a day or two, but we find that doing it daily is crucial to keeping it from piling up, especially if you have little ones in the house (3 kids under 5 = TONS of laundry). Put a load of laundry in each morning, and at some point during the day, fold the clothes and put them away. This will keep your closets and drawers organized and your mind clear of laundry clutter!

5. Find a routine. This might be the most important one of all. It’s easy to get organized. But the key to staying organized is incorporating the most important organizational tasks into your daily routine. Find a way to do laundry, throw out junk, check your inbox, and clean out your car regularly. Write it down in your planner so you remember to do it. Find a routine that works for you, and stick to it!


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