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Sensory activities are so important for your little one’s development (it’s been proven that children learn better while engaging their senses!), and they can also be the most fun part of any toddler’s day, especially when paint is involved! But sometimes coming up with activities to do together every day can be exhausting, and more often that not, we end up doing the same fun activities over and over again. So today we’re sharing five of our very favorite sensory activities for toddlers. They’re easy, fun, and sure to keep your toddler entertained all afternoon. A win for everyone!

  1. Insta-Snow: This one is especially fun for those of you who live in warmer climates! You can buy it on Amazon just place it in a plastic container you have laying around the house (preferably outdoors!). Be warned, though– this one might make a mess!
  2. Peanut Butter Play Dough: The best part about this play dough? Your little ones can eat it too!
  3. Treasure Box: In a toddler’s eyes, nothing is better than finding hidden treasures! You could use coins (if you want to watch them closely), but we also love the idea of using small prizes that they can keep afterwards. So much fun!
  4. Cloud Dough: Just mix all of the ingredients together for five minutes, and voila! It’s super easy and kids love it!
  5.  DIY Sensory Board Books: We love this idea, because you can use your toddler’s favorite book to make it, or an old book that’s already worn out and needs some extra love.

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