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It’s that time of year again! Schools are letting out, and most of us are moving our social activities outdoors to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Hosting backyard parties is one of our favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors while spending time with the people who matter most to us. Sometimes, though, even the most well-planned outdoor parties can go awry. Here’s three of our favorite tips to help you avoid a backyard disaster this summer. 


1) Plan for the worst. Don’t let unexpected events ruin your whole party! Have a back up plan in case it rains (and be sure to let your guests know in advance whether the party is on, rain or shine). Set some bug spray out in case the mosquitos are in full swing the night of your party (hint: lemon and verbena scents also help to ward off those unwelcome little guests). Being prepared for little things that might go wrong will help the evening go off without a hitch!

2) Don’t leave ’em in the dark. Your guests, that is. If you’re planning on the party lasting into the evening, be sure to have plenty of lighting so that everyone can see. Don’t have many lights in your outdoor space? Set some candles out on the table, hang some string lights or lanterns, and light up some tiki torches. Your guests will thank you!

3) Pick easy, classic recipes. We all want to impress our friends with fancy, delicious recipes, but sometimes it’s best to just keep it simple. Everyone loves a good hamburger with corn on the cob. If you do want to serve something fancy, just add a little bit of a twist to a classic favorite. Your guests will appreciate being able to recognize the items on the menu, and you won’t have to slave away all day in the kitchen. Fresh fruit and charcuterie boards (i.e.: fancy cheese and crackers) are two of our favorites. We’re also dying to try this easy, sweet & spicy grilled chicken recipe



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