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TED talks are one of our favorite ways to learn and grow our minds when we’re on the go. They’re so easy to listen to while we’re impatiently waiting in traffic, sitting in the car line at school, or putting away that second and third load of laundry on Sunday afternoons. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to sit down a read a book, but we believe it’s so important to keep our minds active and to learn from others who are traveling along this journey of life with us. So today, we’ve gathered up three of our favorite, inspiring TED talks that we think are worth listening to. These three talks are by incredibly intelligent speakers, are easy to listen to, and won’t take up more than twenty minutes of your day. They are definitely worth the listen!  


1) Love Letters to Strangers by Hannah Brencher: We love Hannah Brencher (find her on our Simplicity Series here), and the movement she has started to bring hope to strangers who need it is absolutely incredible. Because she believes in the power of a written letter (a tradition that her mama instilled in her!), she started a global initiative to exchange love letters with strangers all over the world. Countless lives have been changed because of Hannah’s simple choice to decide to start something bigger than herself and run with it. We think that’s awesome! 


2) A Life of Purpose by Rick Warren: Rick Warren is the author of the The Purpose Driven Life, which has sold over 30 million copies all over the world. In this talk, he discussing the importance of finding your purpose and using your influence to do good. We believe this is a message that everyone needs to hear! 


3) The Power of Vulnerability by Brené BrownBrené is a research professor in Houston, TX and has been studying the topics of vulnerability and authenticity for over ten years. Her thoughts on embracing our imperfections and embracing life from a place of worthiness and authenticity and fascinating and so inspiring. 


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