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We all have a lot on our plate. But have you ever felt like you’re drowning in a sea of tasks and daily requirements and people who need you? I don’t write about getting organized and doing life because I’ve got it all figured out or because I’m an expert in the area. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. I write about this stuff because I’m IN IT. Like… really in it. The twins are growing and growing and Brady is growing and growing. Preschool, doctors’ appointments, work (new collection, crazy awesome brand partnerships, photos, a new men’s line, team growth). It’s all wonderful and crazy and awesome and REALLY EXHAUSTING.

I cried last night and vented to a sweet friend after everyone went to bed that I felt like I was sincerely going to drown in all this. I went to bed early and God worked a number on my heart. He said, “Emily, I gave you this life, this path, these babies, this work and ALL of this to do right now because this is who I want you to be. And this is the story I want you to share. You’re right where you need to be at this point in your journey. Just do it. And more than anything, you’re not going to find your rest on a pillow right now. Too many babies need you. You’re going to find it in Me.”

Well, alright then. I woke up with this post on my heart. And I’m breaking from my crazy day of production and doctors’ appointments to share this. Three steps to overcoming the CRAZY type of overwhelm. This isn’t you ordinary, “I’m busy” we’re talking about here… this is the tear-crying, prayer-pleading, can’t catch my breath type.

1. Stop. Re-asses. Get yourself back together. I know, you’re saying “I don’t have time to run off to Starbucks for a half hour to do this!” Yes you do. Get a sitter. Call your mom. Get someone to take over whatever it is your hands are doing. Grab a notebook and your planner / calendar and escape. All you need is a little while.

2. Brain dump. Get it all out of your head. Make 2 lists: BRAIN DUMP (I’m talking ALL the things, lady. All of them. Tasks, Ideas. Worries. All of it). TO DO (Get them all on there). Your lists might be crazy long. That’s fine. Just get it all written down. Get free printables for those here in our Free Printable Library.

3. Take action and take care of YOU. Feeling like your brain is a little more open? Now. What can you do about that task list? Find three things. Do them right now. They don’t take as long as you think. Take action. And after you’ve done that, breathe. Say a prayer. Pat yourself on the back. Schedule time in your planner for you. Even if its a ten minute bath after the kids go to bed tonight. You are good for NO ONE if you’re not good to yourself.

Now. Excuse me while I go do all those things. #takemyownadvice.



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