2021 Holiday Gift Guide
2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Experiences
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Hi, friends! This may just be our favorite gift guide yet! As a community of women who love to simplify our homes, our time, and our lives, gifting (or asking to receive) an experience is perfect when it comes to the holidays. We all know the feeling of overwhelm after bringing even more "stuff" into our space after Christmas. It happens. We all ask for it. We might even promote it within our kids!

Let's choose to lessen the obsession of receiving items and increase the gratitude of living in the moment. Planning a game night with mom or baking cookies with grandma will be their favorite gifts all year. Our team is encouraging you to gift the beautiful essence of time this year – we so often overlook how special it can be. Through the following gift ideas, you can learn, relax, make memories, take pictures to look back on, and truly enjoy the present of presence. 


  1. National Parks Annual Pass – For the explorer. 
  2. Masterclass Subscription – An invitation to learn anything he or she wants.  
  3. Book a massage – Oh, the gift of relaxation. It truly can't be beat! 
  4. Concert tickets to an artist coming to town! Go with them for a fun evening. 
  5. Date night – A gift certificate to their favorite restaurant (and babysitting if needed). 
  6. Movie or theater tickets
  7. Coffee subscription – How exciting to try different coffees all year long?! Gift someone delight in each morning cup.  
  8. A local zoo membership 
  9. Disney+ subscription – Something to watch for the whole family. 
  10. Plan a fun sleepover at the grandparents house – this is a great present for mom & dad and the little one! Fun for everyone is always a win. 
  11. Magazine subscription – it's so enjoyable to receive new reading material for a quiet Saturday morning. 
  12. Cooking class – Delicious food is such a loving way to someone's heart, but adding the element of a full experience and learning how to make something new is even better! 
  13. A weekend getaway – A night at a hotel or an airline gift card for flights! 
  14. Home Chef – Easy dinners for any night of the week? We can't think of a better gift! 
  15. Tickets to a sporting event 

Try to stay within your means this holiday season. Any gift can be personal and significant if you put a little thought into it. Add a kind card thanking them for their friendship. Bake a sweet treat to serve as a symbolic reminder of warmth this holiday season. Tag a gift with an invitation for coffee to show them you value their time. These small, inexpensive (sometimes free) additions can be the difference in such a special gift. 

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