2020 Holiday Gift Guide
2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Ideas for Kids & Baby
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Ideas for Kids & Baby

Hi, friends! We rounded up a list for the little ones in your life, too! With screens at such a young age, we really tried to keep this list to outdoor or creative play. It's so important that we stretch their imaginations and support their young minds. We also wanted to find gifts that meet your kids' checklist of best, favorite, and necessary. And hopefully, they can play with these all year long so you won't be itching to get rid of the new toys when it comes time to simplify. 

Enjoy the magic with your little ones this season! It really is the most wonderful time of year. Take in their smiles. Hug them a few seconds longer. Gift them with your time away from chores or work. Try not to worry about the mess! Be the adult you loved seeing at holidays as a kid! 


  1. KiwiCoLEY will get you 50% off your first order! 
  2. Building blocks – younger option & older option 
  3. Magnetic blocks – a team favorite.  
  4. Ballerina art print
  5. Rocket art print 
  6. Washable markers – 80 ct. takes care of a lot of colors! 
  7. Pencil Pouch – for markers, colored pencils, and crayons, too. 
  8. Engineer kit – for boys and girls! 
  9. Grace Not Perfection for Young Readers – to encourage and inspire young girls (recommended for ages 10-14)
  10. Creative construction – a glowing marble run is sure to keep kids busy! 
  11. International Cookbook for Kids 
  12. Happy Journal – positivity is the greatest gift we can think of. 


  1. The softest jammies – several colors, several sizes. 
  2. Colorful books – color, touch, and feel recognition. 
  3. Rattle socks – it's the cutest when babies finally find their feet! 
  4. Hatch – sound machine and light for the most peaceful baby sleep. 
  5. Shape Sorter – great toy for baby's first Christmas! 
  6. Cutie teether – we can only say great things about these!
  7. Wooden xylophone – it's not Happy Stripe, but it's close. :) 
  8. Planner Pouch – repurposed for diaper bag accessories. Great option for a newborn & mama. 
  9. Stuffed bunny – pure sweetness. 
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