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For the Mamas

Buying the perfect gift for your mom or mother-in-law can be oh-so-intimidating! Here are some of our favorite gifts for all the mamas on your list this year: 
1. Jewelry Case: For the jet-setter. Your mom will love being able to store her favorite pieces in here throughout the year, and it's small enough to throw in her suitcase when she's on-the-go! 
2. Magnolia Table: For the homemaker. She'll love serving Joanna's dishes to company around her table (and she'll definitely find some inspiration to come up with her own concoctions, too!). 
3. Nest Candle: For the mama who loves a good candle. These will warm up her whole home with the most amazing scents!   
4. Simplified Address Book: For the organizer. Help your mama keep track of friends both near and far. 
5. Bee Pearl Drop Earrings: For the class pearl-wearer. She'll love this fun twist on a classic set of pearls, and she'll be able to dress them up or down for any occasion. 
6. Joule Sous Vide: For the high-tech chef. She'll be able to cook foods to perfection every time (and even control it with Alexa!). 
7. Lacey Wallet: For the fashionista. She can carry all of her important items around with or without a purse in this perfectly size wallet. 
8. Catalina Gold Cuff: For the one who likes to make a statement. She'll feel polished and put together with this on her wrist. She won't ever want to take it off! 
9. Five Minute Journal: For the grateful mama. Help her cultivate gratitude with just five minutes a day. This gift will stick with her all year long!
10. The Coziest Throw: For the mama who loves a cozy home. She'll stay warm winter long with this throw!  
11. Fresh Face Mask: For the skincare obsessed. She'll feel pampered and refreshed overtime she uses this mask (and it's perfect for all skin types!). 
12. Dakota Slippers: For the cold-climate mamas. So cozy (and warm!) that she'll never want to take these off! 
13. Simplified Recipe Binder: For the recipe guru. Help her organize all her recipes in our Simplified Recipe Binder (plus, it comes in a beautiful keepsake box that's perfect for gifting). 
14.  Simplified Journal: For the mama who needs a brain dump. Our Simplified Journal will help her clear her mind each day and focus on the things that matter. Bonus: she'll love looking back on memories written in here over the years. 
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