Show Notes

Congratulations to Claire Kircharr!! Claire is the winner of TWO ELP 2012 Simplified Planners! Thank you so much to everyone who entered to win – I was blown away at the amazing response to these planners. (Over 300 of you entered to win!!)

I’ve been using my own and am so thrilled with how functional, seamless and cleanly designed it is. As a special thank you to everyone and to wish all of you a wonderful 2012 – here is a special discount!! Use code HELLO2012 to receive 20% off your 2012 Planner!

This sale will last through Monday, January 2 only. All planners will ship in our second batch on January 15. Orders placed after January 10 will ship in the third batch on February 15 – so get yours now!!

Wishing you a year of joy, simplicity, clarity and focus. May your days be filled with all that lights your heart and fills your cup to its brim. I have a feeling 2012 will be our best year yet!

Happy New Year!



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