Ten Ways to Use the NEW Monthly Simplified Planner
Ten Ways to Use the NEW Monthly Simplified Planner
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Hi, friends! We are so excited to launch our brand NEW Monthly Simplified Planners tomorrow, April 14 at 10am EST. This particular product has been requested for some time now – we heard you and finally made it happen! These beautiful Monthlies–Carolina Blooms & Blush Stripe– are designed to be the perfect companion to your Daily and Weekly Simplified Planners. The Monthly edition covers 12 months with one two-page spread per month, a saddle stitched binding, and 13 notes pages in the back. 

We can't wait to see how everyone chooses to use their Monthly Simplified Planner. Here are a few ideas: 

  1. Meal planning – organize groceries and meals for the month in one place! 
  2. Budgeting – finances always need a space. If you are sharing a budget with someone else, a Monthly will serve as a great and available way to coordinate as a team. 
  3. Gardening – We hope this will help all gardeners plan out their year of fresh flowers and produce! 
  4. Cleaning – make a plan to keep a clean home week by week.    
  5. Perpetual calendar – If you have a lot of birthdays, anniversaries, and important dates to remember, dedicate a Monthly to keep them. Write reminders to send cards or purchase gifts in time! 
  6. Assignments (teachers and students) – keep track of due dates and exams. Tests can't sneak up on you when you can view a whole month at one time! 
  7. Big-picture planning – setting goals is so important to actually accomplishing what you wish! Sit down with a Monthly to plan actionable steps for achieving your goals. 
  8. Chore chart – implement a routine for your kids to be responsible around the house. 
  9. Fitness – plan workouts and wellness in one place to hold yourself accountable. A Monthly can help you incorporate variety into a fitness routine!  
  10. Gratitude – keep a Monthly just for gratitude by writing a simple note of thanks on each date. What a beautiful planner of cheer and happiness it will be to look back on! 
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