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Emily Ley


Hi There! I’m Emily Ley

I got my first name from my great grandmama and my last from my college crush. We share it with our little boy, Mr. Brady Ley. The truth about me is that I have a background that has nothing to do with any of this. I ran the city ballet for a bit and dabbled in non-profit fundraising. After earning a few degrees, I married Bryan and started really following my love for design. I began designing five years ago - with a box of colored envelopes and the fanciest fonts on the block. And here we are! This brand has grown into something that truly sets my heart on fire.

I don't design all of this just because I love gorgeous monograms and office supplies. Don't get me wrong, I'll take a crisp circle monogram on just about anything (just ask my husband!) but this shop is about making life just a little sweeter.

We're all busy: mamas, business women, creatives, friends, wives, sisters, daughters, pig-tail brushers, tailgate hostesses, PB+J makers, tightrope walkers and... I'll be darned if I don't make the best blueberry poundcake this side of the Mason Dixon (thanks, Mama!). But that's beside the point. At the end of the day, it's about simplicity. Let's simplify life so that we can take care of our need-tos and focus on our want-tos. Let's ditch that standard of perfection and embrace a simpler, more what-matters-most lifestyle.

"Wherever your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Luke 12:34) For me, my treasure is my faith, my family and giving back. My goal is to help you simplify and enjoy your treasure just a little bit more. If you ever need a thing, please feel free to drop us a note!
Emily Ley

Meet My Sweet Team

Gina Hafley Hello! I’m the email answering, goodies packing, design creating Shop Director here at Emily Ley. I’m also a soon-to-be thirty year old (eeek!), who’s lived in three states over the last four years as we’ve followed my cute husband’s career. I enjoy traveling, a good cup of coffee or wine and a cute striped dress! I love when my toes are in the sand, but most often than not, they are on or near a football field.

Sarah Watson I was born and raised in Orlando, but somehow ended up with a Southern accent. It could be all the sweet tea, or the fact that I was raised on soul food and Southern charm. I'm a fan of the Amen -- you know the kind, it's usually accompanied by a hand in the air and follows some sort of profound statement. Yes ma'am, I love a good Amen. When I'm not designing, I can likely be found volunteering with my church's Student Ministry or deep in conversation with a good friend.